Zakład Konstukcji Stalowych

    Our offices are the place where all sorts of designs are created: preliminary, detailed and cost designs — and we are ready not only to realise provided designs, but also develop and suggest our own ideas. Within the design phase we manage all sorts of administrative tasks, such as collecting documents and permits which are necessary to start the construction phase of a project. It is the people from our marketing department who handle all these issues.
Next — the team of designers in our company is made up of the engineers with all sorts of qualifications to design and construct bridges and roads. Their work and all the solutions suggested and introduced so far have given the company a range of awards and prizes.
The value of the company is also in the contracting teams and the teams who carry out site supervision.

    Thus the position of the Company in the civil engineering market is not coincidental. It is the effect of the team work. Certainly, the manufacturing potential of the Steel Structures Manufacturing Yard is of great importance as well, and such is investing in new technologies supporting the company management system and designing and contracting processes.
It is also following the procedures regarding the quality of services, safety and security and the environmental protection (more information in section:Certificates, licenses).