O Firmie

    We connect by overcoming obstacles — this is our motto. We are at your disposal whenever the need is. We maintain quality, offer favourable prices and keep the deadlines, even the ones that seem impossible to keep. We have been involved in numerous significant projects in Poland and abroad. We have erected over 100 large engineering structures.

    Construction engineering for transport and industry is the area we are the most visible in. We are proud of the opinion of being specialists in unconventional structures, as the construction of steel engineering structures, common and uncommon, is the strength of Firma Gotowski.

   This opinion has been earned for years by the team of well-qualified employees — the specialists in various fields. They are mainly the engineers with all sorts of qualifications to design and construct bridges and roads. Their work and all the solutions suggested and introduced so far have given the company a range of awards and prizes.
And as no man and no company is a lonely island, or — they cannot be the one if they want to work properly — we are pleased to inform that our successes are also the result of the cooperation with numerous scientific and research institutes all over the country, e.g.: Reasearch Institute of Roads and Bridges in Warsaw, Institute of Roads and Bridges at Warsaw University of Technology, Lublin University of Technology — Engineering and Architecture Faculty, Faculty of Roads and Bridges at Technological University in Bydgoszcz — Faculty of Construction Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering, Economic University in Bydgoszcz, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environment at Gdańsk University of Technology, Sub-Faculty of Bridges and Railway at Faculty of Civil Engineering at Wrocłąw University of Technology, Poznań University of Technology — Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

    Our work, experience in construction engineering for transport and industry, individual approach to every project suppoerted by the cooperation with such prestigious scientific institutes, the certificates and qualifications as well as awards and prizes are the guarantee of success.

The Company comprises:

  • Steel Structures Manufacturing Yard
    owing the Certificate of Qualifications issued by the Ministry of Infrastruture to perform, renovate and assemble steel bridge structures.
  • Road and Bridge Design Studio
  • Technological Department